My Personal Results

Since I started to do (then teach) Essentrics regularly, I have noticed:


Elimination of neck and shoulder tension - Constant stress left my neck and shoulders with tight tense muscles. Now the tension is gone, thanks to shoulder blasts, overhead reaches,  and figure 8 arms!


Relaxed low back - I used to have ongoing pain and discomfort issues in my low back (including sciatica!) That is gone, thanks to core exercises, hip flexor stretching and more!


Smaller waist - I went from a boxy waist (darn hormone shifts) to a nicely defined waist. Thanks to side bends, reaches and targeted core exercises!


Smaller thighs - Even as a 110# teenager, my thighs always touched as I walked. No more! (and I'm far from 110# now)


Increased flexibility - Before Essentrics, I had average (not great) flexibility. Now I can do front splits on both sides! Thanks to standing quad and hip flexor stretches and floor pretzel stretches.

Improved balance - My balance used to be pretty wobbly but is now very steady (except for some off days!) Thanks to balancing exercises (on one foot) such as hip cleaners, kicks, and slow bicycles!


Overall sense of well being - I love the feel after class, where my body simultaneously  feels worked out and relaxed like I just finished a massage. Great program for releasing stress!


Improved mobility - My joints feel more secure and stable, and I move more freely. Thanks to joint rotations in hip cleaners, figure 8 arms, gentle twisting in the shoulder socket during arm exercises, etc.!


Posture - My posture was okay before Essentrics, but today my posture is great! When I look around, there are so many people who have hunched over shoulders, especially the young (curse those handheld electronics!)

Comments From Students:

"The pain in my shoulder was gone after one class and hasn't returned!"


"The class is ten times better than I expected."


"My hip no longer hurts."


"I measured taller at my last doctor's visit."


"Your class has the best music!"


Nurse: "My neck pain is gone." (after one class)


"If I miss a class, I really feel it."


Physical therapist with frozen shoulder: "This class has helped my shoulder more than anything else. My range of motion has really improved."



"Someone came up to me and told me I look taller."


Dental Hygienist: "My shoulder pain is much improved." (started with shoulder pain and limited range of motion in the shoulder)


"Sheri is an intuitive, patient, and FUN teacher."


"I'm sleeping better, I'm calmer (my husband and kids have noticed!), more flexible and more toned."


"My boyfriend noticed my toned arms right away."


“After class I feel like I’ve just had a massage.”

What are your results?